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2017 HSA Limits


2017 HSA Contribution Limit:
     Indvidual coverage: $3,400
     Family coverage:  $6,750

HDHP Minimum deductible:
     $1,300 Individual coverage
     $2,600 Family coverage

Out-of-Pocket Maximum Expense:
     $6,550 Individual coverage
     $13,100 Family coverage

If you are over 55 you can deposit an additional $1000 per year.

Remember as of 2011 over-the-counter drugs may only be reimbursed if they have a prescription.

If a policyholder uses an HSA to pay for items or services that aren't qualified medical expenses, the tax penalty is 20% of the HSA distribution.

If you need to open an account and you aren't sure where to go, here are some of our recommendations. 

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